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The research in this laboratory deals with fluid mechanics, combustion, heat and mass transfer, applied mathematics and numerical methods. The emphasis of current research in this laboratory is on "understanding physics and practical applications." Computational simulations are performed with the goal to study the underlying physics in energy systems. Current general areas of investigations are: turbulent mixing, chemically reacting flows, and high-speed combustion and propulsion. The numerical methodologies in use consist of spectral methods (collocation, Galerkin), a variety of finite difference, finite volume, and finite element schemes, Lagrangian methods, and many hybrid methods such as spectral-finite element and spectral-finite difference schemes. The laboratory is equipped with high-speed mini-supercomputers, graphic systems and state-of-the-art hardware and software for "flow visualization.'' Most computations require the use of off-cite supercomputers.

Our Team

Dr. Peyman Givi


Dr. Arash Nouri

Research associate

Aidyn Aitzhan

Research assistant